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Description ofBollywood Hollywood

Bollywood Hollywood Productions (BHP) started out as a Line Producer filmmaking company in 1999 In the last three years
it has grown from producing films with modest budgets of $5M to producing films with budgets well over $20M. Today it is
credited with producing some of India’s most enviable ms including “My Name is Khan” and “Kites” films which have been
acquired by major Hollywood Studios My Name is Khan has been chosen to be the opening film at the prestigious Berlin Fim
Festival on Feb 11th 2010.

The Indian film industry derived its name by combining the word Hollywood and the original city namad Bombay now called
Mumbai, the buzzing epicenter of culture diversity, media arts and fashion Bollywood is the world’s second largest film
industry and consists of many diverse talents – each brilliant in town creative field Individuals from this talent pool and
successful producers filming in the USA have depended on Bollywood Hollywood for the past 10 years in providing a turkey
solution to the motion picture business in America The production houses from India have all enjoyed the consistency and
SUCcess in their endeavors when services were provided by BHP No other production service providers have managed to create an organization that becomes an integral part of the entertainment business whereas BHP has created and pioneered Bollywood’s presence into the exclusive Hollywood arena.

Founder and CEO, Mr. Prashant Shah who has been with the Indian film industry since 1977, spearheads Bollywood Hollywood Now settled in the US he works to provide the best production services to the top production companies from India
and has been doing exactly this for the last decade in North America.

Over the years, BHP has expanded to Theatrical Distribution of films in North America and UK and has also widened its horizons into Home Entertainment by marketing and distributing DVDs of Indian films in North American region.

In 2010, BHP plans to produce films under BHP banner and furthermore expand its services in Post Production Exhibition
Television, Events Management and Equipment Rentals.

BHP is a leading Entertainment conglomerate – veritably an “Entertainment Company in every aspect”.

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