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Based on the inspiring true story of 12 underprivileged, tribal and orphan children from Kalinga Institute in Odisha, India 'Jungle Cry' follows their triumphant journey to the International Junior Rugby Tournament held in the UK in 2007.

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In Development


THE BLACK CASTLE - "Tales of a 15th century vampire knight and his Kabbalah alchemist wife. Eternal lovers sworn to disrupt the Spanish Inquisition and defend the legacy of Spain's Moors, Jews and Gypsies."

TV show, Historical Fantasy Drama

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Feature Film, Action/Thriller

ARRANGED MARRIAGE  -  "Let the matchmaking begin"

Feature Film, Romantic Comedy 


A story is transient in nature. An untold story is a forgotten treasure. If not dug up, it dwindles in time. Owing to her vast, intricate past, India is blessed with countless tales. Some told, some not. Some lost and some holding on to their roots for another chance at life.

orn, our humble quest to present the most inspiring Indian tales ever told.

TV show, Fantasy

JERSEY GIRLS - "Two Jersey Girls adulting together, while embarking on their own life journey"

Coming of age dramedy.

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